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Every home is designed and built using the best techniques and materials available. Because of this fact our homes drastically exceed industry standards and local building codes. When it comes to strength and durability we cut no corners. Take a look at four of the reasons our building construction is superior:


Perhaps the greatest difference found in a Greener Home is the fact that all of the exterior walls in our homes are constructed using a uniquely designed Staggered Stud Wall System filled with spray foam. This greatly increases the strength, effectively reducing shifting and warping. Having a continuous layer of insulation reduces thermal bridging as well as increases the overall R Value.

Construction Framing Greener Homes
Framing Construction - Hurricane Clips

Hurricane Clips

Hurricane clips are used at every truss connection to fasten the roof truss assembly to the wall on all of our homes. This is an improvement over industry standards and demonstrates our commitment to building homes that will set the benchmark for quality and durability for years to come.

Anchor Bolts

Another defining quality of a Greener Home is the use of anchor bolts set at 36 inches on centre which are used to fasten the building to the foundation. Considerations such as these make our homes stronger than typical homes.

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed, argon filled, low E windows that exceed ENERGY STAR standards are used to improve the comfort, affordability and noise reduction of our homes. A triple glazed window provides more insulation and is more energy efficient than the more common double pane windows; not only because of the added barrier, but because this extra layer allows another surface to be given a low-emittance (Low-E) coating. Essentially a Low-E coating hinders radiant heat transfer. Therefore, in the winter very little heat will be lost from the inside, and in the summer very little heat gained from the outside. This is one clear advantage triple glazed windows have over double panes.

Triple Glazed Window Construction

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