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Domestic Hot Water

Hot Water Heat Pump: Accelera 300

Accelera 300 Hot WaterGreener Homes is on the cutting edge when it comes to water heating options. The hot water heat pump system is several times more efficient than conventional hot water tanks and work by extracting heat out of the air similar to how a refrigerator separates cold and hot air.

Other Heating Options: ENERGY STAR energy efficient water heater options include: condensing instantaneous, instantaneous, or condensing tank (electricity or gas).

Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR):

DrainwaterMoney down the drain? Not if we can help it… this is exactly why we install drain water heat recovery systems in our homes. This allows you up to 44 % of the heat that would otherwise be lost down the drain to be captured and returned to the water tank. These systems have no movable parts, require no maintenance and will never need to be replaced. In fact, a drain water heat recovery system is one of the most cost effective and effortless ways a home owner can conserve energy.



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