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Aging in Your Home

Aging in your home (Aging in Place) comes naturally and sometimes makes regular maintenance and accessibility more difficult. Our homes should be as independent as we are. Your home should be built for your future. We should never have to worry if our home is a safe and comfortable place. Greener Homes does not want to see you having to move out of your home due to accessibility concerns. With our variety of low maintenance and accessibility designs, Greener Homes ensures that you’ll be living in your home for a very long time. 

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Here’s How We Can Help:

Low Maintenance & Energy

You will have less renovations and maintenance with our homes that are BUILT GREEN® certified to be durable and sustainable.

Save money for your retirement with an energy efficient home. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of utility companies’ high bills.



Healthy Environment

Our belief is a home should foster the well-being of its occupants. We commit to reducing the amount of VOCs and toxic materials when building homes.

Each home uses Heat Recovery Ventilators that circulate air and remove allergens—contributing to improved air quality and fewer toxins, pollen and dust in the air.

Our team also installs radon depressurization systems to give you peace of mind.



Accessible Design

Greener Homes has experience in building homes with accessibility in mind. We can design and build your home with wider walkways and entrances, with lower door thresholds, larger bathrooms, lower counters, etc.

We can also build your home so that accessible modifications are easy to make in the future. You shouldn’t have to worry about aging when it comes to your home.

Want a home built for your future?

Your Dream Home… Only Greener

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