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At Greener Homes, we approach your renovation the same way we would build a new home. That is to work with you on the design, and help you discover an end product best suited to your needs and your budget. Through the combination of incorporating energy efficient products and material to a well thought out design, our renovations and remodelling projects provide you with a home that is comfortable and specific to your needs! Greener Homes can also provide reno renderings and design availability.


Cosmetic Renovation

Are you looking to simply renew an existing space in your home? Ready to out the old and welcome the new?

We can help, and the new materials we renovate your home with will have little-to-no VOC’s. Toxins have no place in a Greener Home or in a Greener renovation. We can bring your space back to life, better and healthier than ever.

That’s our promise.


Have you outgrown your space, but otherwise love it?

The good news is that you don’t have to move. An addition to your home may be the perfect solution. It definitely has been for previous customers of ours.

Call or email us for a quote.

Energy Retrofit

Do you wish your home used less energy, while being more comfortable?

At no fault of your own, you’re likely paying more in utilities than those who own newer homes. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Depending on the home, a Net Zero retrofit may be possible, and at the very least we can make your home MUCH more efficient than it is today.

Featured Projects

Warner County Renovation

London Road Twin Addition

Southridge Renovation

Basement Renovation

Whole Home Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Your Dream Home... Only Greener

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