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The following are a collection of testimonials from satisfied clients, homeowners and those who have worked with Greener Homes Ltd.

Greener Homes Letter of Endorsement

Our path to Greener Homes and owner Dave Wolfe started with an independent energy audit of our 1948 Lethbridge home. It showed high energy use and heat loss, a function mainly of poor attic insulation and air leaks as well as a furnace and water heater with lower than optimal efficiency. We wanted to engage someone who understood the results of the energy audit and could recommend the right corrective actions. Dave analyzed the audit report and gave us recommendations for renovations to increase the energy efficiency of our house. We then examined options and a cost estimate.

The cost estimate initially seemed daunting, but so too was the work required. Our choice was to continue to see dollar bills escaping in the form of lost heat, or rectify the problem, saving that money over time. Dave was completely up front about the cost being an estimate, because of uncertainties in construction and time. We signed up, to ensure we were in the queue for Dave’s construction schedule.

Dave organized construction for a period of warm, rainless days, since the first step was to remove the roof that required new shingles anyway, to allow access for spray-in foam installation. We can’t be sure he was entirely responsible for the good weather, but it was a lucky break. Dave’s crew working two stories above the ground were ready with a contingency— tarps— in case rain did happen.

We were consulted at all stages, felt completely comfortable with progress and any changes that came up during construction.

Dave’s attention to detail, trouble-shooting, to logistics, organizing sub-contractors, keeping us in the loop and adhering to a timetable were impeccable and impressive. The final costs were very close to the original estimate and any higher costs usually were a result of us asking for additional items.

We have no reservations in recommending Greener Homes as a contractor. The interactions with Dave Wolfe, his staff and all the tradespeople he engaged were professional, friendly and enjoyable. We were treated fairly, honestly and transparently. We would consider it would be the same for any prospective client of Dave’s.

December, 2020

Lorne Fitch and Cheryl Bradley


Dave added a large addition to our century old home, and he did a wonderful job! We
started the project with an idea of the kind of look that we were hoping to achieve, and
Dave and his team made it a reality. He was the most knowledgeable of any of the
contractors that we spoke to and he provided us with options to consider every step of the
way. He was always available and never too busy to answer any questions that we had. The
final result was more than we hoped for and we couldn’t be happier.

Heather and Shawn

In the spring of 2017, we started talking with Dave Wolfe of Greener Homes about building a new home that we could age in – a smaller 1000 square foot home with limited carpeted areas, wider doorways and hallways for walker and/or wheelchair, main floor laundry, lever door handles, as well as being energy efficient.  Building a new home was something we’d never considered.  And although we’d heard all the horror stories of how building can strain a marriage, we realized it was the way to go.  We couldn’t grow older in our 2 story home.

Dave was fully on board with our idea, was very encouraging, and had some great ideas as to how the home could serve us better.  Construction started July 2017 and we moved in December 2017 – a terrific Christmas gift to us!

Throughout construction we were very comfortable.  Sure, sometimes we wondered “what are we thinking?”  but we knew Dave and the sub-contractors he works with had the knowledge and expertise to give us our forever home.  They were all very helpful when we had decisions to make – who knew there are so many kinds of toilets and taps?  We love our new Greener Home!  And we’re still married!!  Life couldn’t be any better and the peace of mind knowing our home is solid and will last us our lifetime is priceless.  Thank you Dave!!  This was a journey we’ll never forget.

Gary and Debbie Cook


We had Dave Wolfe from Greener homes come in to inspect an issue with our stucco exterior in the fall of 2016. At the time, we found serious issues that could not be remedied easily. We met with Dave in early 2017 and he listened to what our vision was for our renovations. In July we proceeded with the windows and siding renovations. Dave was there all the time overseeing his crews and making sure everything was done to our standards and more importantly, his. When issues were uncovered, Dave came up with cost effective solutions that made sense and worked well. Dave was very flexible when changes were made and worked to make it all fit together. Dave insisted on a very tightly closed envelope and we are so happy he did. Not many contractors would do as much. We now have a home that we are very proud of and have been complimented on many times. We also have recently gone through the winds of late 2017 and the regulated temperature in the home is wonderful. We did let Dave “surprise us” with a few items and we were very impressed with his choices.

We thank Dave and his crews for a truly wonderful job and a very comfortable home.

We would eagerly recommend Greener Homes to anyone wanting to build or renovate.

Melinda and Julian


We purchased a home from a family member, but wanted to make it truly “ours”. From day 1, we were beyond impressed with Dave and his team from Greener Homes. We renovated the entire upper floor of the home, including two bathrooms, ceilings, flooring, and some minor layout changes. Throughout the whole process, Dave was available and in touch with everything that happened. He always made sure we were up to date with what was happening, and if there were any issues along the way (which always happens during a reno), we were not only promptly informed, but given options as to how to resolve the problem. Dave always had a more cost effective option, and then “if this was my house I would…” option. We went with whatever we felt comfortable with, and we couldn’t be happier. The team was organized, efficient, and did excellent work. Everything we had envisioned came true, and we are insanely happy with the results. We would recommend Dave to everyone and do! If we have projects in the future, Greener Homes will be our first call!

Evan and Laura Kenzie


We have worked with Dave on 3 projects, and he has taken on each of our builds and renovations with such care and thoughtfulness that we feel he is building it as if he himself would live here. Dave oversees every step and only is satisfied by the best work and perfection from his crews. As with all builds, unexpected things come up, and Dave is always available for us to ask questions and make sure that we are completely satisfied! During the often stressful time of new builds and renos, Dave made us feel that what we wanted and needed really mattered to him, and he made sure that we were completely happy with the final outcome. We felt that we, and what we were hoping for, really mattered to Dave, and that he would only turn over the final project to us when it was good enough to be his own. Thank you, Dave! We happily give our full hearted recommendation to you and your crews for your honesty, integrity, and highest quality workmanship – we so appreciate all you have done, for making our dreams come true, and for your kindness and humor along the way. That means so much. In the future, if we have any new build or renovation needs, we will go straight to Greener Homes as our only builder option.

Mark and Jenny Fernhout


As part of my job, I work with builders and homeowners in educating them about building efficient homes. We work with Natural Resources Canada and Built Green Canada in awarding homes an EnerGuide Rating, Built Green Label, and ENERGY STAR certification. Dave Wolfe works closely with us to ensure homes achieve the highest standard of efficiency. As part of our services we independently blower door test every home to ensure proper air sealing of the home as well as inspect insulation and heating system efficiency. Dave takes pride in the home’s overall EnerGuide rating and air sealing rating in every home, wanting and expecting the best. In every home Greener Homes build, perfection is Dave’s expectation. Quality is consistent and efficiency, air quality and low energy costs are a priority for Dave Wolfe.

Jason Clifton, CEA

Certified Energy Advisor, ENERGY STAR for New Homes Advisor, Amerispec Lethbridge

Greener Homes recently finished our basement and I was blown away. Not only was Dave the most knowledgeable person that I had in to quote, but he came though on everything that we discussed and more.

Our project included adding weeping tile to take care of our four sup-pump situation, and making a 55 year old basement livable. We really have only compliments to give Dave and all of his contractors. They were all very professional, always there then they said they would be and their work was excellent. Our basement is now our favourite place to be and all the finishing touches that Dave suggested has truly made it customized to us. I have never meet a owner of a company that goes over and above in his work, you truly feel how important this project is not only to you but to everybody who is working on it. When the project was completed Lethbridge had that week of rain and Dave phoned to make sure that everything was ok, and it was. We would absolutely recommend Greener Homes for any renovation and if we ever build will definitely use Greener Homes. Thank you Dave !!

Janet H


We met Dave while he was renovating our neighbour’s home across the street from us. Marv and I were totally impressed with the work that was completed. In 2014, we decided to renovate our basement plus we needed a new deck. Without question, we called Dave. Our new basement is absolutely wonderful! Our new bathroom looks like a Spa! Our new deck is now sturdy and safe! We truly appreciated all his ideas. Dave is a stickler when it comes to quality workmanship. He kept in contact with us daily and his crew were polite and very skilled in their trades. In 2016, we called Dave again. Marv and I needed help as soon as possible as we had water damage in our revenue property bathroom. As busy as Dave was, he was able to schedule his time and his crew in an emergency. Our new bathroom looks wonderful!

Marv and I would definitely recommend Dave and his crew to anyone. Trust is a big issue to us and we trust Dave!

Marv Gunderson and Heather Wagner


We want to start by thanking Dave Wolfe of Greener Homes for his hard work, dedication to quality, and his attention to detail. From our first meeting with Dave to the last handshake, we knew we were dealing with a competent homebuilder who truly cares about his customers. The communication throughout the entire process was impeccable. From beginning to end, Dave walked us through every step. We felt listened to, all of our questions were answered, and any concerns were quickly resolved. The sub-contractors were great to work with, and Dave ensured the workspace was cleaned up daily. We were always impressed by Dave’s knowledge, professionalism and customer service.

The finished product is a quality custom home built with attention to detail and craftsmanship hard to find these days. We are extremely pleased and satisfied with the design, construction, detail and comfort of our new home. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend Greener Homes to anyone considering to build a home. Thank you again for everything and making it possible for us to build our dream home!

Mark & Tanya Ross


Several years prior to us building we selected Greener Homes as our builder for many reasons. Dave Wolfe is easy to deal with, was a text, email or call away from us all the way. Greener Homes builds excellent homes. We have been pleased with the craftsmanship and design of our home!

I’ve never heard of a builder giving a hard possession date and then meeting it. That’s the commitment and honesty that you will deal with when selecting Greener Homes. Trust me, your expectations will be met.

Blake and Leslie


After visiting many show homes Dave built, we decided to make an appointment with him to inquire about building our home. It became evident after viewing many other homes in Lethbridge that Greener Homes was the best choice. During the home design and contract phase Dave was open and transparent. Any concerns or reservations we had were put to rest. Dave worked within our budget to build exactly what we envisioned. He was accommodating and understood when plans and budgets had to be modified. Throughout the build he was professional and ensured jobs were completed to high standards. He treated the building of our home as if it were his own.

We have lived in our house for about six months and Dave remains in contact ensuring we are still happy and things are working as they should. When it comes to building homes, Dave is the epitome of a builder. His focus is ALWAYS on the quality of his work rather than quantity.

We highly recommend Greener Homes and Dave Wolfe to anyone who searching for a builder that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements. Rest assured, building a home with Greener Homes is a decision you won’t regret.

Mark & Cayla Nelson


Working with Dave from Greener Homes to renovate the exterior of our home was a good experience. The scheduling worked well for us. The work was completed in the time frame on our contract, even though we made some changes. Dave checked the work being done almost daily letting us know what was coming up next. The subcontractors were all great, cleaning up daily, & they were very respectful of our neighbours needs. We were very satisfied with the quality of the work done. We would definitely use Greener Homes again. We appreciated Dave’s  suggestions which greatly improved the final look of our home’s exterior.

Al & Wendy D.


Having my home built by Greener Homes* was a fun and enjoyable experience. Dave Wolfe was extremely knowledgeable and made sure nothing was done less than to perfection. He was considerate of what exactly I wanted in my home and where I wanted it, the choice was mine! I’ve been in my home for a year now and I wouldn’t change anything. I am more than happy with the outcome and the experience. It was truly a custom built home. I would strongly recommend building with Greener Homes!

Jackie Reger


My experience with Greener Homes* was that Dave settles for nothing less than perfection. Superior workmanship and a keen eye to detail are a given. So I knew I was getting the highest return on my investment for a very reasonable rate. I found that Dave and his crew are patient, accommodating and tidy all the while staying on schedule and on budget. With Greener Homes, making decisions was a stress-free experience. I have and will highly recommend Greener Homes to anyone looking for a renovation or a new home.

Ps. They even recycled the leftover building materials.

Good Job Guys!

Mary S.


Greener Homes* came and did our complete basement renovation in Jan 2012. Dave and his crew did such a wonderful job that I personally recommend Greener Homes to people who are in the renovating or housing market. Talking to the inspectors as they came through to inspect the work they commented that he’s always consistent, does excellent work and they liked the fact that he goes out of his way to find the best in the building industry for his trades and products. When hiring Dave he made a comment to me that made me realize he was the right guy for the job: “most people don’t think about what’s inside the walls only how pretty it looks when its done”. He makes sure that his company strives to build for the future. Spray foam insulation in the walls and properly sealing all windows and the ducting are a few examples of where no short cuts were taken. I discovered its very important to help keep the home comfortable and saves me money every day. The basement is finally warm. Our next home will be built by Greener Homes.

Jason & Christine N.


As a mortgage professional I get to work with plenty of builders in a year. Lots of them are great, and surprisingly lots of them are terrible. Greener Homes* has been excellent to work with on numerous occasions, as they are willing to be flexible and patient with customers. When customers are stressed out due to their builder, the mortgage broker 9 times out of 10 will hear all about it. All the builds I have financed for Greener Homes customers have been excellent on my end, and excellent for the customers. Never has there been complaints from the customer regarding the process, timing, product, etc. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Dave at Greener Homes is honestly passionate about creating a home that is well crafted, designed and truly energy efficient. They take great pride in reducing the foot print “we” have on the world. Greener Homes and the owner Dave Wolfe, have a product definitely worth recommending. All the best!

Graham Reimer, AMP

Mortgage Advisor, Dominion Lending Centres

Here is why we would not hesitate to recommend Dave Wolfe and Greener Homes to anyone interested in building a quality Green home.

We came to Dave with a vision, one that had started in the early ‘70’s. That vision was of an environmentally friendly home, which harnessed the readily available power of the earth and sun. We had drawn our own plans and designed the exterior and interior of the home based on our lifestyle.

The first thing that impressed us about Dave was that he listened. He insured he understood just what it was we envisioned, then, using his expertise in the green building field, worked with us to refine those visions. He communicated with us throughout the process to insure that he was still onside with what we wanted and budgeted, especially if changes needed to be made. In the end he not only gave us more than what we wanted but he was finished early and on budget.

The second thing that impressed us about Dave was his attention to details. From the excavation, to the last speck of dust in the house before we moved in, Dave ensured that everything was done right or done over. He was always there filling in the gaps, monitoring the work, making sure even the hidden places were above standard.

Dave does not just give lip service to Green. It is what he does. It is where he lives, with his own home rated a 97 on the energy guide. His recycling trailers were out front through the whole build. There was never any building litter in the house or in the yard. The materials used in the home, from the recycled lumber to the zero VOC paint were chosen based on their impact on the environment. The home construction methods and materials were chosen with the concept that it is greener to build it right once than to have to replace or repair it down the road.

Building this new home was a major event in our lives. Thanks to Dave, we enjoyed the process of building our new home from start to finish. People who visit our home are impressed with its comfort. They notice the evenness of the temperature through the whole house, thanks to the sealed envelope and the geothermal heating. They are impressed by the energy savings achieved by the solar panels and the fact that we can sell power back to the grid at a rate higher than we buy it. But the best response we get is “this feels like home”.

Thank you Dave, for our new HOME.

Carmen & Lorne Petty


Because of my work and background in renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are of huge importance to me; so when my wife and I decided to build, these were at the top of our list of priorities. We wanted a home that not only looked great but performed to the same standard when it came to utility bills. We visited with other builders in town and finally we were introduced to Dave Wolfe of Greener Homes Ltd by a mutual acquaintance.

He showed us his own home, which doubles as a show home, talked to us about how he creates his building envelope and he listened to what we wanted from our home. We had been to other builders who were less than happy to accommodate certain renewable technologies which were, to us, nonnegotiable. Dave not only allowed us to have Solar PV and Geothermal Heating/Cooling but encouraged us to do so as his own home has the same technology.

My wife and I had complete control over house design, contents, and decor. We were given a plan, based on what we had spoken to Dave about, that worked pretty good for us but not completely. So we changed the plan to accommodate our desires including a private upper deck off the master bedroom and an indoor/outdoor dog run behind the attached double garage amongst others. Between ourselves and Greener Homes we soon had the house we wanted on paper.

The build was flawless; Dave oversaw all the work himself and made sure all the work was carried out to his high standards. My wife and I were also allowed to view the house at all the stages of build from foundation to final product, we compiled a photo diary of the build so we know our house inside and out which is really comforting to anyone when buying/building a new home. Seeing the 2×8 timbers used in framing filled with the spray foam insulation, as opposed to 2 x 6 timbers more commonly used, gave us the confidence that this house would do everything Greener Homes said it would regarding the energy efficiency.

Our house is now complete and we have been living here for 3 months now, we could not be happier with what Greener Homes Ltd did for us. They delivered in every sense of the word for us and I fully recommend them to anyone looking to build an energy efficient home.”

Ian & Melanie Magill


Your Dream Home... Only Greener

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